Taking the good with the bad.

The Good:
1. I chopped all my hair off on Friday. I just randomly decided it was time for a change and so there went my hair. I’m thinking it was a good decision since, as soon as she was finished, my hair dresser exclaimed “There! You don’t look like a pregnant 18 year old anymore!!” Good news, good news.

2. I went shopping for noodle on Saturday (okay, so really I was shopping for my sister’s birthday but the baby clothes kept calling to me) and I found baby girl my favorite outfit yet.

3. I saw Hunger Games and it was AMAZING!! Oh man, so intense. And yes, my heart was racing in anticipation through 90% of the movie, even though I’ve totally read the books and, therefore, knew exactly what was going to happen. Funny side note, every time my heart started racing, baby girl started kicking away like she was saying, “geez mom, calm down already!”

4. I finally got my (late) birthday gift from hubs!! We have been searching for the perfect bike for weeks and we finally found it Saturday night. I love the mint green and white colors and I’m already happily anticipating long family bike rides along the beach boardwalk.

The Bad:
1. I woke up on Sunday with extreme pains in my lower abdomen. After a doctor’s appointment today it was determined that I have a nasty bladder infection. Luckily, nothing a dose of antibiotics can’t cure. And to turn a good into a bad, I got to sneak in an extra listen to baby’s heart beat before our regularly scheduled appointment next week. So really, not that terrible after all!

Okay, so really only 1 bad thing with 4 awesome thing still equals a pretty impressive weekend. Now I’m counting down the days until this weekend when my parents and sister come down for a joint mom/sister birthday beach celebration!

Happy Monday!

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