19 1/2 weeks.

Almost 1/2 way through!!!!! People at work are finally starting to admit that I’m showing although no one in public has commented or asked if I’m expecting yet. I am so excited for the days when I look definitely pregnant and not just chubby!!
Total weight gain: 5.5 lbs
Baby’s heart rate: 145 bpm at this weeks impromptu appointment. I think she was napping because usually her heart rate is a little higher!
Biggest craving this week:  My love for chocolate has finally returned and my peanut butter ice cream with chocolate fudge swirl and peanut butter cups has been calling my name every night. I’ve also been craving salty snacks. I have never been a chips person, but suddenly they look so appealing every day!!
Energy level: Pretty good! I have been exercising more after work now (where in the past I would come home and collapse on the couch and stay there until bed time). I am loving my new bike for evening bike rides!!
How clothes fit: I think after this week I am officially retiring my normal work pants. A paper clip can only stretch so far! I am pretty darn pleased with myself for making it 20 weeks without buying maternity pants! As for most of my jeans, they’re still holding strong! Funny enough, 90% of my jeans are big around the waist normally (the joys of having really long legs along with really narrow hips) so really, some of my jeans are fitting perfectly for the first time ever! Coming home from work, however, I’m all about the yoga pants.
Movement: Noodle still loves to get her groove on in the evenings and nights. Sometimes I go all day without feeling her in there (I think the running around I do all day puts her to sleep) so I’m always happy when she comes out kicking after dinner. Hubs has felt her move from the outside a few times now!
Next doctor’s appointment: Doctor’s appointment next week and then another ultra sound in 2 weeks. I can’t wait to see her again and I’m hoping this time she’ll be a little more active! I think I’ll go easy on the sugar intake so I don’t put her in a total sugar coma like I did last time. Whoops.

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