Special Delivery

We received a very sweet gift from my parents the other day-a new crib for baby noodle! We were thrilled so of course I made Brett put it together ASAP. I sat there and watched for a bit before getting bored and deciding to go eat ice cream and watch “Make It or Break It” instead.
Up until now the only thing we have done to the nursery (slash current office) is paint it a beautiful and peaceful green. And when I say “we” I actually mean “hubs.” He painted the room way back in December, about 1 week after we found out I had a noodle cookin’. Adding the crib makes the room finally start to look like a nursery and it made me so excited!! Over the weekend my mom also gifted us with an impressive amount of baby clothes (some of which I wore as a baby myself!) as well as one very special gift. When I was born my great-grandma (or “Grandma GG” as we called her) knit me a beautiful yellow and white blanket. My mom kept it and this weekend she handed it down to me for our little girl. Holding that blanket made me tear up and I can’t wait to see if baby girl loves her blanky as much as I did!
We are ready for baby!! I can’t believe she’ll be here in 20 weeks, it seems so close yet so far away at the same time!

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. A Single Auntie says:

    We built a very similar crib. In fact, it might even be the same one in a different color! Word of advice: NEVER move the crib to another room. We had to disassemble and reassemble to get out to the doorway and fit around the corner. It’s not too bad to put together once, but taking it apart and putting it back together is a whole new ball game. Enjoy your crib, and enjoy the next 20 weeks of quiet nights!

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