Half Way!!

Total weight gain: 8 lbs
Baby’s heart rate: 157 bpm at yesterday’s appointment
Biggest craving this week:  I feel like I just get hit with random cravings these days. One minute I am dying for a clementine and then the next minute I can’t stop thinking about peanut butter. It’s so weird but I’m having fun trying to fulfill whatever random craving hits me. The only one I’ve ignored so far is my longing for cheetos. That one is the oddest because I don’t think I’ve eaten a cheeto since I was about 10. I am not spending money on that nasty crap so I just ignore that random craving whenever it hits.
Energy level: Pretty much back to normal! I am staying up until my pre-pregnancy bedtime of 10 pm and am exercising a lot more. I am still loving bike rides, which is my way of trying to keep my booty and legs in shape during this pregnancy! I wish I could go back to running, but it’s just not comfortable anymore.
How clothes fit: My paper clipped work pants have said their good-bye until baby is born. This past weekend I went out and bought my first pair of maternity black dress pants! Unfortunately I’m at that awkward stage where the belly is too big for my normal pants, but still a bit small to keep the maternity band up, so it kind of slides down during the day, even when I fold it over once. Give me two weeks though and I know this belly will fill it up! As for other clothes, 90% of my jeans still fit (although I unbutton them when I sit and after I eat) but I’m down to only 2 pairs of shorts that fit. Looks like someone is going maternity clothes shopping this weekend!!
Movement: I feel baby move constantly throughout the day now. And last night when I was lying on my back reading I looked at my stomach and I could actually see my stomach jump when she moved. I think she was dancing in there or something!
Next doctor’s appointment: Ultra sound in 2 weeks! I can’t wait to get a good look at our baby girl again! 🙂
Random: This week I had my first stranger (a mother of one of my patients) ask if I was expecting. I was so excited that she could notice that I practically squealed with happiness when I said yes!

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