21 Weeks

Total weight gain: I’ll find out the exact number a week from today, but I’ll guess 9-9.5 lbs. 
Biggest craving this week: I keep going back and forth between salty and sweet! One minute I’m craving jelly beans and the next I can’t stop thinking about potato chips.
Energy level: So good! I’m not feeling tired during the day and I’m going to bed at a normal “adult” time instead of my previously “kid-friendly” bed time of 8 pm. I was also exercising pretty much daily up until yesterday when I fell out my front stairs and sprained my left ankle. I guess the pregnancy clumsiness has officially started?? I took one day off work to let it rest and today I was back with a brace, hobbling around the best I could, but it looks like my evening bike rides/walks might have to be put on hold for the rest of the week!
How clothes fit: I am full on maternity pants now. 2 pairs of maternity work pants, 1 pair of maternity jeans (being worn in above pictures) and 1 pair of maternity shorts. I do still have 1 pair of normal shorts and 1 pair of normal jeans that still fit, but I know that won’t last too much longer!
Movement: Baby is full on rocking out now. Her kicks/rolls are so strong that I see my belly jump and move around. Hubs gets a kick out of lying on my stomach and saying, “baby, kick my cheek!” and then grinning like a mad man when he gets a good kick in the face.
Next doctor’s appointment: Ultra sound exactly one week from today! Crossing my fingers that baby girl doesn’t choose that time to nap like she did at our 18 week ultra sound appointment.
Random: This week, without saying a word about being pregnant, I had a little girl at the hospital who was playing with my phone hold it to my belly and say, “phone call for baby!” Mom was horrified for a second before I laughed and assured her that she was right, I did have a baby in there. So funny though that a little 5 year old noticed my baby bump!

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