Party Animals

Saturday was the birthday party of one of me and my fellow child life specialist, Katie’s, favorite little from the hospital. And this particular little girl LOVES the hospital pooch so we thought, what better birthday present than to surprise her with a bday party doggie visit?? And her reaction and excitement at having the dog there was just another testament to how much this sweet dog touches the lives of children in that hospital. And although I only had my crappy purse camera with me, I had to get some pics of the super cute carnival themed bash. Add to it the pooch’s cute “I’m ready to party face” and the pictures just had to be posted.

Besides the party excitement the rest of the weekend was pretty low key for me and hubs. Beautiful weather, pool swimming, evening walks, house cleaning, and lots of reading basically made up the rest of our weekend. I’ll tell you what, after picking up 5 new books at the library yesterday the swing on our pool patio, a bowl of ice cream, and my current read is calling my name.

Happy Sunday!

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