22 Weeks

Total weight gain: Who knows?? I’ll find out on Thursday but I’m guessing between 10-11 lbs. I feel like it’s a lot! 
Biggest craving this week: Carrots dipped in ranch and clementines.
Energy level: Great! Besides my ever expanding gut I’m feeling back to normal, like I’m not pregnant at all! Sleeping, however, is starting to get a little tough and I think it’s time for a body pillow. Sleeping on my side is fine, but I feel like the belly hangs with no support and sometimes I wake up throughout the night pretty uncomfortable.
How clothes fit: I am rocking the maternity pants daily at work. My work shirts have also officially been retired, as they have started to creep up over the belly throughout the day. I went out yesterday and bought a few new maternity and plain stretchy shirts that should get me through the next few months.
Movement: So much movement now! Noodle is really starting to respond to hub’s voice, which I find so adorable and amazing. I won’t feel her kick or move, but then he’ll put his face down to my belly and start talking and suddenly she’s doing a little dance in there! I guess she’s a daddy’s girl already.
Next doctor’s appointment: This Thursday!! I am so excited to see her again. And for some reason I feel like I need confirmation that she is in fact a girl. My biggest fear is that we’ll buy all these girl clothes and then the doctor will be like, “whoops, our mistake! It’s actually a boy!” So hopefully we can get a few more peeks “down there” so I can put my fears to rest.
Random: I feel like I’m still at that weird stage where the belly bump grows and shrinks throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll look down and think, “wow I’m huge!!!” and then a few hours later I’ll look down and think, “where did she go?” I know it’s a fleeting stage though and soon I’ll just be large and in charge all the time!

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