Our Daughter the Contortionist.

It’s hard to tell by this photo, but that’s our kid with her legs kicked up over her head. And she stayed like that, kicking away, for most of my ultra sound. The tech could not stop laughing at her crazy position, although noodle seemed to be quite comfortable that way. Just looking at that position makes my neck hurt.

Her crazy positioning aside, baby girl is as healthy as can be (and is in fact, still a girl. We got the cutest pic of her little bum with her legs open on either side). She was very active, but thankfully allowed the ultra sound tech to get (almost) all the pictures she needed. The only thing she wanted to keep hidden was her cute little face. We got some profile shots, but whenever the tech tried to get a photo of her little face full on, she would squirm away! She’s just keeping us in suspense. I don’t mind though because that just means we get to go back in a few weeks for another scan so they can try again. My little girl knows mom will take as many ultra sounds as she can get!

I could not be more excited to meet this sweet little girl!

2 thoughts on “Our Daughter the Contortionist.

  1. Mom says:

    We are so excited to meet your sweet baby girl! Thanks for all the updates, we feel that even though we are apart, we are still able to share this very special time with you!

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