An Island Birthday Weekend

It's hard to see, but that was a shark!! So close to the shore line

Hubs has a nasty habit of smushing his ice cream cake into a blue mush

We had a great weekend up on our island with Brett’s family. We celebrated hub’s big 2-5 with an 11 mile family bike ride to our favorite breakfast place, spent some time sunning and reading by the pool and then enjoying a big family Italian dinner. And of course we ate a lot of ice cream cake. Obviously. Perfect family birthday weekend. Although I definitely steered clear of the ocean after seeing a shark, swimming SO close to the shore line, from our balcony. After that I figured I would stick to the pool.

The belly continues to grow and is now large and in charge. It was fun seeing the in-laws, although crazy to think that we won’t see them again until after baby is born. (Which still feels far away and yet crazy close at the same time). I know it’s going to come so fast and we are so psyched to finally introduce our noodle girl to everyone!

We finished the weekend with a long beach walk, collecting shells as we went. Hubs and I have a glass jar in our family room where we collect shells from our favorite beaches such as our honeymoon and our island. It’s nice having a little piece of our island here at home! Of course since getting home it’s done nothing but rain and it’s supposed to continue well into the week. Although dreary, part of me loves how cozy a rainy day makes FL feel, a perfect excuse to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies!

Happy Monday!

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