24 Weeks

Total weight gain: close to 15 lbs!
Baby’s heart beat: 154 bpm
Biggest craving this week: Cheese and yogurt. I am all about dairy right now.
Baby is now the size of: An ear of corn and a little over 1 lb.
How I’m Feeling: Still feeling really good although this is the first week where I am really feeling pregnant. The belly seems BIG to me right now and this is the first week that it seemed to get in the way and make me uncomfortable at times. Quite a few times I’ve tried to squeeze through a space I generally would fit through, only to bang my belly into a chair, a table, the wall, etc. The “Wow look at that belly!” comments have also started, making me feel even larger. However, I know in 10 weeks I’m going to look back at this picture, laughing to myself that I felt huge at 24 weeks. Feeling huge or not I am still LOVING this belly and the little babe inside it!!
How clothes fit: Just getting tighter and tighter as my wardrobe quickly shrinks down to about 5 different outfits. Luckily I rotate through the same few work outfits every day, so it only gets frustrating on the weekends when I’m trying to wear my “real” clothes. It looks like skirts and dresses may be the way to go this summer!
Movement: Baby is still loving her crazy dance moves that make my whole stomach roll and pop. It cracks me up every time it happens, although it can be very distracting. The other day in a meeting I spent 90% of the time staring at my stomach and trying not to giggle every time my stomach moved. This kid is proving to be very entertaining already!
Random: Last week hubs and I went on a tour of the labor/delivery and maternity suites at my hospital and it made me so excited!!! It boggled my mind, looking at the bed, that I would be there in just a few short months, giving birth to our daughter. So crazy exciting!! Of course it also doesn’t hurt that the hospital recently remolded the Family Birth Place and it seriously looks like a hotel. I know labor will be no vacation, but still, I’m psyched.
Looking forward to: Our 4D ultra sound at the end of this month!! I cannot WAIT to see detail pictures of our little noodle.

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