How did you get here again??

I always love new readers, I mean, what blogger doesn’t? But some of the search terms that bring people to my blog are hilarious and leaves me wondering, how the HECK did that lead them here?

Without further ado; here are my top 10 favorite search terms:

10. Most beautiful gymnast (this one somehow brought quite a few readers, but really, thank you so much, I’m flattered!)
9. Babies checkin out girls (umm….what??)
8. Dandruff (I hope you found the answers you needed here)
7. M&M pajamas (sounds fun)
6. Had to pee in the street (sorry to hear that)
5. Sexy running pants (Gotta love those)
4. Drinking to cope with pain (Can’t say you’re going to find anything helpful here)
3. Pregnant pee (yup, happens a lot lately)
2. My husband is not romantic and is addicted to fifa (I hear ya)
And my number 1 favorite:
1. Chick pregnant with her dad’s baby and they claim they are in love  (No comment. Seriously).

Happy Friday!!

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