25 Weeks

Total weight gain: 16 lbs! The weight just keeps piling on..
Biggest craving this week: Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Seriously, I could eat this every day, all day. On a sandwich, as a salad, with basil, alone, it doesn’t matter. So. Good. Funny thing is, prior to being pregs I was pretty ambivalent towards tomatoes. I loved sauce, but whole tomatoes didn’t really do it for me. Then along comes noodle and I suddenly cannot. get. enough. Especially with fresh mozzarella cheese!!
Baby is now the size of: An eggplant. 13 1/2 inches long and over 1.5 lbs.
How I’m Feeling: Pretty good, although the aches and pains of pregnancy have started, mainly right in my belly button. Seriously, it feels like my belly button is being ripped from the inside. Over the weekend it was so painful I couldn’t even stand up straight! Luckily it comes and goes, never lasting too long. Baby sure is growing!
How clothes fit: Can I just live in yoga pants from now until baby comes??
Movement: Crazy movements. She’s now big enough where I can feel her move up near my rip cage and down in my lower abdomen at the same time. Noodle also still LOVES daddy’s voice and will jump and jive like crazy when he starts talking to my belly.
Random: Okay, this is odd, but my belly is getting hairier. I know, gross. Baby girl’s hormones seem to be making long, light hairs grow around the belly button and stomach. I’m just praying it doesn’t last long after baby is born because I’m not loving the look.
Looking forward to: Our 4D ultra sound at the end of this month!! I cannot WAIT to see detail pictures of our little noodle.

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