Surprise Family Weekend.

Photo overload of this past weekend’s quick trip to MA for my older sister’s surprise bridal shower. Add in Mother’s Day and it was the perfect family weekend:

The one crappy photo I got of Lauren’s reaction

Amazing eggplant fries we devoured

Remember when I said I couldn’t get enough tomato and mozzarella??

This past weekend I made a super short (as in up and back in about 48 hours) trip to MA to surprise my older sister at her wedding shower. And besides the slightly traumatic “I’m going die on the toilet” thoughts I had on the flight up, thanks to the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced, the weekend went off without a hitch. Side note on that, I try to be a good listener and stay in my seat while the “fasten your seat belt” sign is on, but let’s be real here, I’m 6 months pregnant, and it gets to the point where I will need to risk my life getting to the bathroom or else I will be peeing on the seat. Just sayin’.

I’m not big on surprises myself, but it sure is fun to see someone else go into total shock when they walk into a room and see their fiances entire family plus there own standing in what they THOUGHT was going to be a “Mother’s Day Brunch.” And isn’t it weird how sometimes YOU get all nervous while you’re waiting for the soon to be surprised person to arrive? No? Is it just me? Seriously my heart was racing I was so nervous waiting for Lauren. And there might have been some sweating going on. But that could have just been a result of being preggers, you really never can tell.

On top of the bridal shower I got the blessing and privilege to spend mother’s day with my wonderful mother, sisters and dad. And that has not happened in quite a few years, so you better believe I was soaking it in. Can’t wait to see everyone again in one short month at the wedding!!

One thought on “Surprise Family Weekend.

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for the photo memories! That was one very special weekend I will never forget! I love you guys so much, and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family. Seeing Lauren so happy at her shower was so great! I am glad you made the long trip up for a very short weekend!

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