26 weeks

Total weight gain: 16.6 lbs. Somehow, after stuffing my face with eggplant fries this weekend, I’m only up 1/2 a pound. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I gain 3 lbs in a week and other times it’s only 1/2 lb? I don’t get this whole pregnancy weight gain thing….
Biggest craving this week: Cheese, cheese, cheese!!! Also milk, yogurt….basically anything dairy. I mean, I’ve been a dairy lover my entire life, but pregnancy seems to have kicked the love up a notch.
Baby is now the size of: A head of lettuce. At today’s ultra sound we found out she weighs 2 lbs 2 ounces! Big girl!
Baby’s heart beat: 144 bpm
How I’m Feeling: Tired. As I round the corner to my 3rd trimester (woohoo!) my energy seems to be slipping. I will definitely miss that spurt of energy I had in the second trimester! It looks like my bed time will be back to 7:30 pm in no time.
How clothes fit: Or really I should ask; what clothes DO fit!? I’ll tell you what, not much. And it’s just going to get worse in the weeks ahead!
Movement: This girl is all over the place. She rolls so much my belly goes in every direction. It feels terribly creepy, yet wonderful at the same time.
Random: We had a bit of a scare (well still do actually) at today’s ultra sound when the Dr. told us our little baby girl has a bright spot in her bowels. 95% of the time, this means nothing. In rare cases it can mean bleeding in the placenta that baby swallowed (totally fine for her, but bleeding is not so great for me), or some sort of chromosome abnormality. With the later, this would usually show up way earlier in the pregnancy (and up until this point everything has been 100% okay) so she didn’t seem all that concerned about it being that. Plus all my blood work has come back normal so there is even less of a chance of any abnormalities. However, they did want to keep an eye on baby and I will need to go back in 4 weeks for another ultra sound. I love how the doctor sent me away with this information and then said “but everything looks great so try not to worry!” like that’s even an option. The next few weeks will be tough, but we are praying that everything is fine and it will all be cleared up by the next ultra sound. But of course, we always appreciate extra prayers so feel free to send one up for me and baby noodle.
Looking forward to: Our 4D ultra sound in 2 weeks!!

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