27 Weeks

Total weight gain: Close to 18 lbs is my guess. I’ll find out for sure next Tuesday!
Biggest craving this week: Still loving my dairy. Also, my sister sent me a recipe for strawberry lemonade bars that she found on Pinterest and man oh man are they good! I seriously cannot stop eating them and as soon as this batch is finished I’m going to want to make another!
Baby is now the size of: A Rutabaga. Over 2 lbs and about 14 inches long!!
How I’m Feeling: Tired. I have had a busy week at work and I am definitely feeling it when I get home. When I do exercise (besides the miles I feel like I walk at work!) I still love to swim. It’s the only form of exercise where nothing hurts or feels uncomfortable, I can just swim along feeling like I’m not even pregnant! The other night hubs and I went on a bike ride but baby was hanging low and it was putting so much pressure on my lower back and abdomen, it definitely was not comfortable. I think from now until nood is born I’ll stick with swimming!
How clothes fit: I hate trying to find clothes that fit well. This past weekend I went out and bought a new maxi dress, 1 more pair of maternity shorts and 2 shirts, so I’ve expanded my wardrobe by a tiny bit.
Movement: I think our girl is a dancer. Or a gymnast. Or maybe a soccer player. Whatever she is, she definitely loves to move! Yesterday while talking with a patient, I felt baby do an impressive body roll and the mom gasped. When I turned to her she said, “That was seriously amazing, I think I just saw your baby try to pop out of your stomach.” It’s crazy how everyone else can now see her movements and not just me and hubs!
Random: My belly button is currently its own special hybrid. 1/2 of the time it’s just a flat slit, but then the other 1/2 of the time (usually after I eat) it decides to pop out just one small section of the belly button, not the whole thing yet. This gives my belly button an odd deformed look of a half popped, half flat hybrid. I’m just waiting for it to finally give in and pop all the way out!
Looking forward to: Our 4D ultra sound next Tuesday!

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