Baby-mooning island style

beachin’ it in my mom suit

For the past few months hubs and I have been talking about taking a baby moon before this little noodle girl makes her arrival in less than 3 months. We talked about going on a quick weekend cruise, a trip to the Keys, Sanabel Island, Naples…etc. In the end we decided that, due to some other big trips (flying up to MA for my sister’s bridal shower and then heading to VT for her big day in less than 2 weeks!!) we should keep it low key and instead save up for a big vacay once baby has arrived and the grandparents are fighting to babysit. And besides, we decided, who needs to go on vacation when we have our own island complete with a free condo to stay in!?

So up to the island we went for an island style baby-moon. And it was exactly what we needed. A little romantic get away complete with perfect beach days, italian ice deliciousness and a dinner date night finished up with a funny movie. Although I get so incredibly excited day dreaming about bringing baby girl to our island, I finished up the weekend feeling sadly sentimental about the “ending of an era.” Brett and I will most likely never be at the island alone again (unless we can sneak up for one last get-a-way before August) and it made me sad (although with these pregger hormones, it doesn’t take much to make me sad these days). Hubs and I have had so many good memories up at that condo, and although we will surely make new amazing ones with our family, part of me is going to miss it being just us. So for now until August I plan on soaking up time I have with hubs, enjoying being just the two of us until noodle girl makes her much anticipated arrival in 2 1/2 months.

2 thoughts on “Baby-mooning island style

  1. Christine R. says:

    awsome babymoon indeed! I also love your mum swim suit, it’s so stylish. I hope I look as good as you when it’s time for my hubby and I to have a little one 🙂

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