Our little girl

Today we had the 4D ultrasound of our little noodle! It was all very dramatic and almost didn’t happen. This afternoon when I got to the Drs. office I was told that the 4D ultrasound probe was broken and they would have to reschedule the scan. “You can still get your glucose test done today!!” The receptionist told me brightly, like I was actually looking forward to drinking straight up syrup and getting a needle jabbed in my arm. Really, thank you, I’m so happy I can at least partake in that fun!! So then, as I’m still out in the waiting room, the power goes out and the whole office is left sitting in the dark. At this point, they weren’t even sure if they were going to see patients, or if they were going to reschedule everyone. Luckily, the lights came back on about 20 minutes later and I set out to do my glucose test. Hubs was with me, and being the talkative guy that he is, he started conversing with the ultrasound tech. Thanks to him being so cute and adorable, he got her to agree to let us at least TRY to do the 4D scan. Apparently the probe was leaking, but as long as baby was right at the surface and she didn’t have to press down on my stomach at all, it should work. We went in, not getting our hopes up too high, and when she stuck the probe on my stomach she happily exclaimed that baby was right there, waiting for her close up!!

I’m seriously in love with this kid and her chunky cheeks and pouty lips (definitely has husband’s lips). I could have looked at her all day, but sadly the scan was over much too quickly. We were so thankful that the tech was willing to try, and that baby was in such prime picture taking position! Seeing these pictures just makes me even more excited to hold her in my arms in less than 3 months!

We are so excited to meet you, our beautiful baby girl!!!

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