29 weeks

The actual belly!

Total weight gain: 21-22 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Nothing stands out for cravings this week, but the third trimester is bringing back aversions to certain foods. Looking at chicken grosses me out again, as does anything that looks “slimy.”
Baby is now the size of: An acorn squash (whatever that is). She’s over 3 lbs lbs and is 15-16 inches long!
How I’m Feeling: Tired. Walking around all day at work is slowly starting to take its toll. I’ve noticed my shoes feeling tighter by the end of the day, which means that the feet swelling has begun!! As soon as I get home and put my feet up, it goes away pretty quick. I’m also feeling a lot of underbelly tightness in the evening, which can make walking around uncomfortable and staying on the couch all the more enticing. I’m still sleeping really good though. Besides getting up to use the bathroom once during the night I’m not tossing or turning or having trouble sleeping on my side, so that’s good. I’m also excited because last weekend hubs and I found noodle the CUTEST changing table/dresser combo! Crazy enough, it’s the same “sleigh” curved concept as the crib and totally looks like we bought them together! Now baby has 2 pieces of furniture. We are slowly getting somewhere!
How clothes fit: Things are looking a little tight….including my bridesmaid’s dress for my sister’s wedding this weekend, which is just awesome.
Movement: Her hiccups are becoming so noticeable. This child gets the hiccups at least once a day which leads to 10+ minutes of her hiccuping spasms. One little girl at the hospital found it hilarious today to see my stomach bump out from baby’s hiccups over and over and over again. Her movements are also starting to hurt! This week was the first time her kicking (or punching) my ribs and/or hip bone has made me catch my breath in pain. She’s getting so big and strong in there!
Random: My belly button is still hanging onto it’s half innie/half outtie look. We’ll see how much longer that lasts.
Looking forward to: My older sister’s wedding in VT this weekend!! We are flying up tomorrow night and it will be our last big trip before baby comes! I’m so excited to see the family and celebrate with everyone on Saturday. 🙂

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