Vermont Wedding, Part 1

My older sister’s wedding in Vermont was amazing. We had so much fun with my family and let me tell you, June in Vermont…well, it doesn’t get any more gorgeous than that. I took an incredible amount of pictures this weekend, so I will have to split the photos into a few separate posts.

Part one is from Thursday, the day of sister and bridesmaid’s fun. Lauren’s new little town is amazing so we took a morning sister walk, exploring the area. There was this super cute sheep barn down the road where anyone could visit and pet the baby sheep. Lauren’s dog, Koli, had a love/hate relationship with the sheep and spent a good amount of time trying to lick and bite them through the fence. He’s such a tough guy.

Living in Florida I think I’ve already forgotten how green it is up north. And the mountains! I seriously think I said, “This place is gorgeous!!!” about 1 million times this weekend. And as much as I really do love Florida and our caribbean blue waters, I still made sure I soaked in the beauty of Vermont’s mountainous landscape.

The day ended with a bridal party trip to the spa and dinner at a perfectly named quaint restaurant, The Perfect Wife. It was the perfect start to the perfect wedding weekend.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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