30 weeks

Total weight gain: 23 lbs
Baby’s heartbeat: 136 bpm
Baby is now the size of: A cucumber. At today’s appointment she weighed in at 3 lbs 12 ounces and is about 16 inches long!! The doctor estimated that she would be between 7-8 lbs at birth, I’m interested to see if she is right!
Biggest craving this week: Back to apples and peanut butter. I’ve had one every day this week and last for lunch. I’m also still loving ice cream, especially vanilla with chocolate chips or shavings.
How I’m Feeling: I’ve been feeling a little off this week, but I think that’s due to a cold I probably caught on the flight to or from my sister’s wedding last weekend. Having a cold while pregnant is making me feel even more tired and run down than usual. Besides that I am getting so excited. For some reason, crossing over into the “30s” makes me feel like I’ve entered into the home stretch! I know I still have 7-10 (or even longer) more weeks before baby arrives, but I still love telling people I’m 30 weeks and hearing, “Oh wow! Right around the corner now!” We still, however, have a LOT to do to get ready for this kid. It’s time to buckle down and do some baby shower registering!!
How clothes fit: Well, the good news is I was able to zip up my bridesmaid’s dress at my sister’s wedding last weekend. Phew! It was extremely tight and pretty darn uncomfortable, however, so I did end up changing into a different dress for the reception. Funny enough, I had bought a dark purple cotton dress for my honeymoon last year that looks very similar in style and length to the bridesmaid’s dress so I wore that to the reception. The similarity of the dresses plus the darker room equaled no one even noticing I had changed my dress!
Movement: Her movements are still so strong and she is now moving my whole stomach every time she kicks and rolls. Her kicks and punches also hurt and I catch myself wincing every time she gets me in the ribs or hip bone. I love seeing her move though, especially when hubs is talking to her.
Random: At today’s ultra sound appointment we learned that she is already locked and loaded for birth! Our type A daughter (I mean, really, what other kind of kid could me and Brett possibly have?) has already gotten herself into the perfect labor position, head down, facing back. She might have a little longer to cook in there, but she is ready to go once the time comes! We were also so incredibly relieved to see that the brightness in her bowels that they saw last time is fading. The doctor told us that means whatever is in her system is breaking down. Most likely I suffered a small tear at some point and baby swallowed a little blood. Everything is now looking perfect and healthy and I am now feeling much more calm. 🙂
Looking forward to: Continuing our birth classes. We have had 2 already and we have 2 more to go! They have been so informative and fun and it really makes me think I might be okay with this whole “natural birth” plan I have going on. I am not holding strict to any specific birth plan, besides the plan to get baby out safely, but I definitely want to go into labor ready to try to deliver her naturally. We will see what happens!

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