Vermont Wedding, Part 2

Before I get to the main event of last weekend, AKA the actual wedding, I had to first post about the town of Grafton. Or really I should say village, since technically it does not qualify as a town. With a population of 200 people (which we almost doubled during the wedding weekend) it definitely qualifies as a place where everyone knows everything about everyone. But it’s more than that. As Brett and I rolled into “town” (AKA drove down Main Street) last week I couldn’t help looking around in complete shock and wonder. The place looks like a flippin’ movie set. American flags and flower boxes on every house, quaint country stores, white picket fences and friendly people just waving as you walk down the street. After the weekend I decided that the village is either completely fake (as in, it really IS a movie set) or there’s something sinister going on underground. Like zombies that are posing as real people or a cult that kills touristy outsiders…you know, things like that. Because I refuse to believe there is a place that perfect that’s actually…perfect.

Here’s the proof. All pics were taken by my photographer hubs, hence the logo.

Do you see what I mean? Zombies for sure….

Stay tuned for even more Vermont wedding pics where I promise to actually post pictures of the bride and groom.

One thought on “Vermont Wedding, Part 2

  1. Mom says:

    Beautiful Photos! I am sure that zombie, otherwise know as your Grandpa Buckel, would appreciate that photo of him enjoying his time on the front porch of the Grafton Inn!

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