Vermont Wedding, Part 3

Okay, it’s probably about time I wrap up this wedding recap, considering the fact that the wedding was almost 2 weeks ago. But I cannot say it enough, man oh man was this wedding beautiful. The ceremony was held outside, by a beautiful pond and open field and the reception was held in an amazingly gorgeous inn with dancing held in the connecting barn. It was the perfect picturesque Vermont country wedding.

Some favorite shots of the wedding, which I stole from the photographer, Christina Bernales:

We had such a blast at this wedding; meeting new members of our family, reconnecting with old friends, and spending time with my sisters. I loved every minute of it, even the part where my sister’s cat clawed at me and hubs door at 5 in the morning to get inside. Okay, so maybe I didn’t love that part, but I would relive it all over again if I could. Even the 5 am cat alarm. Lauren and Evan, you are a beautiful couple and I have no doubts that you will live a very happy, joyous, and animal filled life. Congratulations!!

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