When laundry is fun

I normally HATE doing laundry. It’s not actually the washing the clothes that get to me, it’s the folding them and putting them all away that does it. I do me and hubs laundry every Sunday and to be honest, half the time the clean clothes get put back in the hamper to be carried upstairs to the bedroom and there they remain….sometimes all week. Hubs and I have gotten really good at digging through the basket to find what we need. It’s shameful.

But then the other day I decided to wash and separate baby girl’s clothes to see what we had and what we still need. And let me tell you, suddenly laundry had never been more fun. I loved folding those itty bitty onesies and pajama outfits and separating them into different piles. I couldn’t keep from holding them up to my body and realizing that in less than 2 months there will be a real body in those outfits!! So baby girl…thanks for making laundry fun for your mamma. Even if that excitement may be very short lived.

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