The time I was on the Hooter’s swimsuit pageant….

And before you wonder any longer, no, not as a contestant.

I know it’s quite the lovely snapshot of me.

You get a lot of interesting visitors when you work in a children’s hospital, some more exciting than others. This weekend the 2012 Hooter’s Swimsuit Competition was filmed live in south Florida and our children’s hospital had the pleasure of hosting about 20 of those lovely competitors who came to visit with our patients. You know those Hooter’s girls, always giving back. I am not a big fan of Hooters and the messages I believe they promote to young woman, but I have to admit, as funny as most of them looked playing with our kids in their 6 inch sparkle stilettos, most of the ladies were so high energy and eager, excited and ready to play with our kids and get them involved in different games. It was pretty fun to see! Even if they did sign photos with “Hoots and Smooches.” Because obviously that’s totally appropriate for a 5 year old. And then the network decided to interview a child life specialist and of course my loving co-worker volunteered me to do it. Because nothing says “Hooter’s swimsuit competition” more than an 8 month pregnant lady. And before I knew it, I had a 10 second clip on Saturday’s live airing on FX, which basically makes me famous. All in the exciting day’s work of a child life specialist!

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