Surprise visits

Saturday morning I got a surprise text from my sister, who was supposed to be flying home to VT from her honeymoon that day. Sadly for her and her new hubs (but not for me) their first flight from the island was so delayed it looked liked they were going to miss their connecting flight to Boston, causing them to be stuck in Miami over night. Although the airline thoughtfully offered them some cheap meal vouchers and a free night stay at some sketch Miami motel, Brett and I figured we would go and rescue them and let them spend the night with us instead. On an air mattress in baby’s new room. Which is basically 5 star accommodations. And although the surprise visit was much, much too short in my opinion I was thrilled to see my crazy tan sister (and her not as tan new husband!) one more time before I squeeze this baby out of my body. Crazy to think that the next time they are down here will be to see noodle girl in about 6 weeks!

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