32 weeks

Total weight gain: I won’t know for sure until next Tuesday’s appointment, but I’m going to go with 24.5 lbs. 
Baby is now the size of: A squash. She is weighing in at about 4 lbs and is close to 17 inches long.
Biggest craving this week: Chocolate!!! I have never been a huge candy eater, but chocolate is constantly calling my name these days. I have to have some every day!
How I’m Feeling: Still really tired. Now that I know about my low blood pressure I have been bringing water bottles full of Propel and Gatorade to work instead of just plain water. This seems to be helping a lot and I haven’t felt as dizzy and weak as I was feeling last week. I’m still so tired by the end of my work day and, for the first time in my pregnancy, I’ve started taking short naps when I come home from work. Although if I had it my way I could probably sleep through the night with just a short break for dinner and ice cream before going back to sleep!
How clothes fit: Just getting tighter! My one pair of maternity jeans and my maternity work pants still fit really well, so that’s good. I’m just starting to get creative in the mornings when I try to find a comfortable shirt to wear to work (that’s not a t-shirt. Ha).
Movement: She is still going crazy in there. I read that this is the time where you sometimes feel decreased movement, since they start to get more cramped in the womb. We are definitely NOT at that point yet because if anything, her movements are just getting stronger and more pronounced. I now have no trouble distinguishing which part of her body she is moving across my stomach. I also feel like she is really low and I can sometimes feel her head hit up against my cervix. I swear she is ready to come out, but she is just going to have to be patient for a little while longer!
Random: This week Brett and I finished our month long birth class. I thought it was so interesting and I would definitely recommend it to all first time parents-to-be. Even though I felt like I knew a lot about birth going into the class, I definitely learned a lot and I will be using a lot of those labor positions and breathing techniques when the time comes!
Looking forward to: My baby shower my friend is throwing me in July!!

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