Haiti Love

Brett and I have a strong love and passion for the people of Haiti. It all started back in January 2010 when hubs lead a group of college students to Haiti for a missions trip. As you may remember, January 2010 was when Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake. And Brett, with his students, was there at that time, experiencing the horror along with the Haitian people. Luckily, everyone in the group remained safe and after almost 2 weeks of excruciating wait (on my part) they finally were able to make their safe return to the US.

That trip created a passion for Haiti in my husband and inevitably led to more trips to Haiti, one of which I was able to accompany him on. During his time spent in Haiti Brett met, and grew increasingly closer to, a man named Thony and his wife Sarah. And then they had a baby, sweet little Olivier, and Brett was named godfather. We have been DYING to meet this sweet baby boy for a year now and last weekend we were finally able to spend some time with him while the family visited friends in Florida. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight. I seriously could not get over this handsome boy’s chubby cheeks and delicious dimples. I’m just sayin…he may make a very good match for our little noodle girl one day!

We love this sweet family and cannot wait to see them again, hopefully in Haiti next time!

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