IPhone Weekend

It really hit me this weekend just how few weekends we have left before noodle makes her arrival. And as excited I am for her to be here, I am happy we still have those few more weekends because man oh man do I feel like we have a lot of preparing to do still.

This weekend was a busy one for hubs and I. One of those, hey let’s be super productive and basically re-do 3 spaces in the house kind of weekends. I think the nesting instincts are coming on strong. We spent Saturday in IKEA and it was quite the successful trip. We came home with a pretty new table for our front hall (and a plant! I am still shocked how 1 plant totally changes the look of a space) and white frames for baby’s super cute baby prints among many other goodies.

Sunday my body decided to wake up at 5:30 am and stay awake. Baby decided to help me stay awake by developing a particularly spastic bunch of hiccups that lasted a good 20 minutes. But good news, I caught up on my So You Think You Can Dance watching while drinking some particularly good hot chocolate. After church hubs and I worked hard on putting baby’s nursery together and I have to say, it is looking adorable. Nursery tour coming soon, once we have it done. Add to the weekend a strawberry banana yogurt pie and a new book and the weekend came out looking pretty good indeed.

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