Oh Life

Florida Sunsets

35 week stomach

The weeks are flying by and I am getting closer and closer to the birth of baby noodle. Sometimes I sit in her nursery and I try to imagine her there with me, in the crib sleeping or lying on the rug kicking and smiling or playing peek-a-boo with daddy. But try as I might I still can’t make it seem “real.” I know she’s here with us already, in the womb, but it still boggles my mind that she is going to be here alive and well on the outside in less than 5 weeks. Craziness.

Everyone  keeps asking me if I’m getting nervous for labor, but at the moment I’m not. I’m not completely naive, I know that it’s going to be uncomfortable and that there’s a good chance that it’s going to be downright incredibly painful, but I am so excited to experience the miracle of birth and to finally reach the finish line where the greatest prize in the world is our sweet chunky baby.

So until she’s ready to come I’m going to bask in the love I feel for her already. I’m going to enjoy every kick and wiggle and hiccup I feel in there, even when they start to get uncomfortable. Because this time is fleeting and as excited as I am to finally hold her in my arms, I know I’m going to miss holding her inside, safe and close to my heart.

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