Cute as a button

My baby shower was adorable. My two amazing friends, Christine and Katie (pictured above) did an amazing job planning and executing the adorable theme of “cute as a button.” They showed up at my house on Saturday morning, kicking me and Brett out while they took over our house, decorating and setting up all of the amazingly delicious desserts they made for the event. I came back from a lovely lunch with hubs to the cutest back yard ever. Unfortunately the rain drove us inside about an hour into the shower, but we rolled with it. There were fun games, onesie decorating, and good conversation. And Lotsy, our wonderful clown from the children’s hospital, came over straight from work and I’m pretty sure Noodle is the only baby who has ever had a clown at her party before she was even born. Lucky, lucky girl.

My friends and family showered me with love and I was overwhelmed with their generosity. Baby girl now has most of her needed necessities, along with a whole wardrobe of adorable outfits. My mother-in-law made the trip down from NY and it was so great having her there. We were blessed to get to spend the whole weekend with her and I was so incredibly excited to open her gift of my highly sought after BOB jogging stroller. Can’t wait to take our little Noodle on many runs in the future!!

I’ll tell you what, it’s incredibly hard not to have my family live close by, but I am so blessed to have the most amazing friends who would do so much for me. It really is true that good friends become your family and I am a lucky girl to have the very best girl friends who will very soon become the very best aunties to our little girl!!

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