36 weeks

Baby is ready for a swim on this hot, hot day!!

Total weight gain: 30 lbs
Baby’s heart beat: 136 bpm at yesterday’s appointment
Baby is now the size of: A honeydew. Yesterday we had a growth ultrasound and we found out she now weighs 6 lbs 2 oz!! What a big girl!! Unfortunately they couldn’t tell us her hight, but based on her weight she’s most likely around 18-19 inches long.
Biggest craving this week: Fruit!! Especially watermelon.
How I’m Feeling: Uncomfortable. This baby is definitely riding low and is gearing up to be born in a few weeks. Walking around all day at work is becoming harder and harder and I think the waddle walk is starting when I try to walk any faster than a slow crawl.
How clothes fit: The same as always. I’m getting so sick of wearing the same clothes over and over again!
Movement: I think this kid is trying to punch her way out my stomach. More and more often her movements are hurting, and hurting BAD. They make me catch my breath and quickly try to move her, but she just loves to dig her little toes under my rib cage.
Random: Today hubs and I went and interviewed a pediatrician for baby noodle. It was an uncanny feeling talking to a doctor who will one day soon be coming to the hospital to check up on our newborn baby. Luckily, we really liked this doctor so it looks like we found the right doctor for baby girl!
Looking forward to: Birth! It is coming up so incredibly soon.

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