38 weeks

Total weight gain: 32.5 lbs
Baby’s heart beat:
136 bpm at today’s appointment
Baby is now the size of: A pumpkin. My doctor is guessing she is close to 7.5 lbs and is probably around 20 inches long.
Biggest craving this week: I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but this week, while baby is the size of a pumpkin, I’ve been craving pumpkin like crazy. On Sunday I made pumpkin cupcakes with chocolate chips and a vanilla glaze PLUS a loaf of pumpkin bread. Delicious.
How I’m Feeling: Crazy uncomfortable. Baby is LOW which equals feeling like I’m sitting on a bowling ball at all times. Whenever I walk around for more then 10 minutes straight I get very painful “zings” down in the…let’s just call it “the birth area.” I joked with my friend at work that I might invest in a motorized scooter to get me through the last week and a half of work (yes, I am working right up until my due date, Friday the 17th, unless baby decides to come early). Emotionally, I am feeling antsy and excited! I cannot believe we are T-10 days until baby’s due date! I am just so ready to finally see her little face and hold her in my arms!
How clothes fit: The same as always. I’ve grown out of 1 maternity tank top, but my other maternity tops (all 4 of them) still fit. I seriously cannot believe that I’ve pretty much made it through my pregnancy with hardly buying any maternity clothes. (I bought 4 tops, 2 pairs of work pants, 1 pair of jeans and 2 pairs of shorts). Plus 90% of what I did buy was bought with Motherhood Maternity gift cards given to me from relatives. I feel pretty pleased with myself for not spending tons of money!
Movement: I’m still waiting for that “at the end of your pregnancy baby’s movements slow down” moment. Ummm hello but my kid is about a week and a half from being born and she’s still flippin’ around in there like a gymnast. The other day I was attempting to prep a patient for a procedure while noodle girl was showing off an impressive series of flips and kicks, making my stomach roll and go off into a million different directions. I was trying to ignore the craziness and keep talking until I realized that no one (patient, mother and nurse) was listening to me. Instead they were all fixated in shock on my stomach until the patient exclaimed, “Ummm…that’s kind of creepy.” Eyes up here! Please pay no attention to my baby’s attempt to kick her way out of the womb!
Random: Today at my doctor’s appointment I was checked to see if I’ve progressed from last week and I have!! I’m dilating and baby is L-O-W ready to come out whenever my body lets her. It was crazy because, as I was trying not to cry out in pain, my doctor excitedly exclaimed, “Oh wow! There she is! My fingers are on her head right now!!” Which is cool and all, but didn’t take away from the torture I was feeling. But I am super excited to know she is ready to come out!!! My doctor asked if I had any interest in being induced, but I told her I wouldn’t be unless we went passed my due date. So we will see where we are next week!
Looking forward to: Birth! It is coming up so incredibly soon.

2 thoughts on “38 weeks

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve been craving pumpkin a bit, too (I’m a bit behind you, almost 35 weeks)! I suddenly thought today, “Man, I can’t wait until Fall treats hit the stores.” I guess I could take your lead and just make it myself! 🙂

    • Christina Lynne says:

      Haha I’m glad someone else is sharing my craving! I thought about the fact that it was not yet fall or “pumpkin season” but then I realized I didn’t care and I made them anyways. 🙂 Best decision of the week.

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