39 weeks

Total weight gain: 34 lbs
Baby’s heart beat: 
141 bpm at today’s appointment
Baby is now the size of: A watermelon!! My doctor is guessing she is close to 7.5-8 lbs and is probably around 20-21 inches long.
Biggest craving this week: Lemonade and fruit.
How I’m Feeling: Crazy uncomfortable. My due date is in 3 days and I can feel it. For the first time in my entire pregnancy I am having trouble falling asleep. (Although I know I am lucky that I basically made it through my entire pregnancy sleeping great!) Everything, from walking to sitting to sleeping is just plain old uncomfortable now! This is also the first week that I’ve swelled. My wedding ring doesn’t fit at the moment and my legs and ankles are very swollen by the end of the day. But the end is in sight so I’m really trying to enjoy these last few days of being pregnant and having it just be me and hubs. Every night while we are relaxing on the couch it really hits me that this could be the last night just being the 2 of us! I’ll miss it, but I am obviously so excited to have baby noodle join our family.
How clothes fit: The same as always. Everything is starting to look snug, even my maternity shirts. Crazy to think that (fingers crossed) this will be my last week wearing all these maternity clothes!
Movement: So I’ve totally given up on having the type of kid that slows down her movements before birth because baby girl is still moving like crazy in there. She’s so big now that when she stretches out my stomach looks so grotesque and misshapen. As much as the movements hurt I still love seeing her wiggle around in there.
Random: Today at my doctor’s appointment I was checked to see if I’ve progressed from last week and I have! I am now 2 cm dilated, 90% effaced and baby is between a 0 and a -1 station (meaning she is totally dropped in my pelvis and ready to get this show on the road!) My doctor said if she had to guess she would say that we will have a baby by the end of this week, most likely right around our due date. Hearing that was so exciting and I’m so happy to hear that my body is working hard already, getting ready to birth our perfect baby girl.
Looking forward to: Birth! And the fact that I could be holding my daughter by this weekend!!

7 thoughts on “39 weeks

  1. Caitlin Phelps says:

    I just found your blog and you look great pregnant!! I have an 8 month old little girl, Julianne. At 39 weeks and 4 days I was dilated 3 cm and 90% effaced and had her 3 days later at 40 weeks and 4 hours!! Only 4 hours late:) Sounds like you are going to have your sweet girl SOON!!! Good luck! It is an amazing experience.

    • Christina Lynne says:

      Hi Caitlin, wow, 3 days later!? That’s what we are hoping for! My due date is Friday and my doctor said she wouldn’t be surprised if she was a “right on time baby.” Fingers crossed! Thanks for the good luck, we are so excited! Can’t wait to post some sweet pictures of her soon!

  2. Lynda Mathewson says:

    Christina, You look wonderful. It won’t be long now! Sure wish I could be your nurse. You will do great. I hope to meet your sweet girl in November when I come down to FL. Lots of love to you and Brett. I really enjoy your blog. I am so excited for you and Brett and both sets of parents. Being a grandparent is awesome!

  3. Teresa O Rourke says:

    Hey Chrissie,

    You look amazing!!Best of luck to you in delivery and to Brett too!I absolutely love reading your blog and cant wait to find out the name of baby girl and to see her face!By the sound of it, she will love bopping to Save the Last Dance as much as we did! X

  4. Danielle says:

    Wow, love this post!! I’m so excited for your baby to come. You look incredible. Hope I’m looking like that at 39 weeks ;). I saw on fb it’s your due date today, any time now!! yay!

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