In case you were wondering…

I’m still pregnant. 40 weeks and 3 days. I’ve tried to enjoy the weekend, going out for a nice Saturday morning breakfast with hubs, finishing baby’s laundry, going on 1 million and 3 walks around the neighborhood, changing my blog theme, etc. You know, all the fun things that don’t include birthing a baby. Every night I go to sleep thinking “this could be it!!” and every morning I wake up more uncomfortable than ever, but still most definitely pregnant with no active labor contractions in sight. If she doesn’t come by Tuesday I have an appointment where I know my doctor is going to have the induction talk. Which at that point will be fine with me because I am more than ready to get this show on the road. However, I’m still praying like crazy and crossing my fingers that she will come on her own before then. I’ll tell you what, this girl is on her own schedule, that’s for sure. Now excuse me while I go do some deep squats and jumping jacks.

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