Usually when Leah wakes up around 3 am to nurse she feeds quietly before slipping right back to sleep. However, every once in awhile (especially if a diaper change is needed) she wakes up, totally alert and not ready to go peacefully back to sleep. Most of the time when this happens I either nurse her a little more or walk around a bit while rocking her which usually does the trick. Last night, however, as she blinked up at me at 3:30 am I re-swaddled her nice and tight and lied her in bed with me. She lied there quietly, her dark blue eyes gazing up into mine. Then she slowly closed her eyes and wiggled her little body until her nose was smushed up into my chest and she fell asleep. And although I eventually put her back in her sleeper next to our bed, for those 15 minutes with her snuggled up on one side of me and Brett snuggled up on the other, life was perfect.

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