Things currently making me happy….

1. My little baking buddy. Yes, her delicious chubbiness is starting to make bending over with her in a sling hurt my back, but I love having her squished all up against me. And the fact that I accidentally dropped a bunch of cinnamon sugar on her head just made her smell all the more delicious.
2. Fresh snickerdoodle cookies. They are seriously a favorite of me and hubs and we could (and do!) eat so many of these yummy cookies. And I have taken it upon myself to try out all the “Best Snickerdoodle Recipes!” that I find on the internet because how else will we know which ones really are the best?!
3. This conversation I had today via text with hubs:

Ok, so in my defense, I REALLY restrained myself this time. Usually I take out 6 or 7 books at a time, so only getting 3 is a huge cut back for me. And I really DO try to return them on time, but sometimes it’s just so hard to remember and there is never any way I can read all 7 books in the skimpy 2 weeks they give me. And really, why do they cut me off after I try to renew a book for the 3rd time?! And the reason why I returned the last book so over due was because I had a BABY and so I couldn’t get to the library for weeks and that should be like an automatic debt forgiveness, right?? But seriously, I will be better this time. I promise….All that to say, man, do I love the library.
4. Pouty babies in purple. Her “Mom, enough with the pictures already.” expression just kills me and I just want to kiss those pouty lips right off.
5. Baby animal butts. Because they are just so cute.
6. The fact that my older sister Lauren is coming down from VT in two weeks to spend some time with me Leah! I am so psyched to spend some time with her and I know the chubalicious baby is excited to meet her aunt as well.
7. Being cleared to start exercising again by my doctor!! I had my 5 week post birth check up yesterday and all is looking and healing well. I am officially allowed to start running again, although after not running for almost 9 months, I’m sure it will start off as more of a slow trot. But me and my 15 lbs I still have to lose are very, very excited to start exercising once again.
8. The fact that I can now officially fit into ONE pair of normal, pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. Even though that may just be because they are especially stretchy. Hey, it’s a start.
9. Modern Family is back tonight. I seriously love that show.

Now I’m off to eat a cookie, read one of my new library books and kiss some chubby baby lips.


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