Child life

I have mentioned my job as a child life specialist a few times on this blog. I love, love LOVE my job, but I also know that it’s an occupation that very few people know about. Maimonides Infants and Children’s Hospital in Brooklyn, NY made an amazing “Day in the Life” video of a child life specialist. I love it and I think it does a great job showing a “typical” day for a child life specialist. Check out the video and for more child life info click on over to my child life page!




2 thoughts on “Child life

    • Christina Lynne says:

      I first heard about the occupation way back in middle school when I had to do a “Dream Job” project. During my research I read about child life, decided I loved it and wanted to do that one day and then worked towards it ever since! I studied psychology for my undergrad and then researched the top grad schools for child life and decided to attend Bank Street College for a masters in child life and have been working in the field ever since!

      If someone is interested in becoming a child life specialist they will need to take (or have taken) a course load of child development classes and complete a 480 hour internship at a children’s hospital. If you are interested you should contact a children’s hospital near you and see if they have a child life program. You could always start volunteering there to get more experience! 🙂

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