A baby date

Today Leah babe and I ventured out of the house and went to a “mommy and me” group.  I’ll tell you what, hanging around the house with this little chub is fun and all, but after 6 weeks of being home, I’m starting to get a little antsy to get out of the house. Suddenly, any excuse to leave the house is a fun and welcome change. Even if it’s just a Target run. Anyways, the mommy and me group was adorable. I mean, what could be better than sitting in a big circle of adorable chubby babies?! This also gave Leah the chance to meet her new BFF, Bradley. They obviously hit it off right away and Leah and Bradley spent some time chillin’ together on their blankets. Brittany and I tried our best to get a picture of them holding hands, but the babes thought that was too much too soon. Bradley is three weeks younger than Leah and it really made me realize how big Leah is getting! It’s crazy the difference three weeks can make, Bradley looked like such a little peanut next to our tall chunka girl. And all this crazy friend fun must have worn her out because Leah is now taking a nice long nap, which is something she usually rebels against during the day. Here’s to a happy and successful day.

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