Aunt Lauren came to town

Leah LOVED the watermelon hat from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Evan!

We had so much fun with my sister Lauren these past few days. To say she was excited to meet Leah would be an understatement. Of course Leah and Lauren hit it off immediately and they became fast friends (that is, after Leah forgave her from being oh so horrible by sticking an adorable knit hat on her head. My baby and hats do not mix). Of course I forgot to break out the actual camera so all I have from the weekend are IPhone pics. Unfortunately, I also have 0 photos of me and my sister together, which means that she will have to come back so we can do this whole weekend all over again. Having family around me is wonderful and it makes me wish, yet again, that we could all live close together again. Until then, I am excited to have family come down and visit us as often as possible. Luckily for me I only have 3 more days until my parents come down for a visit so the fun will start all over again. Until then I plan on enjoying time alone with my chubba babe because I’ll tell you what, my family sure are baby hogs. 🙂


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