2 months

Dear Leah Grace,
I cannot believe two months have gone by already. You are getting so big and mommy is getting a little sad that you aren’t her wiggly newborn anymore. Daddy and I forgot to take your 2 month pictures until your bedtime, which is why you look less than pleased in your photos. However, as tired as you were, you humored your mommy and daddy and you let us snap a hundred pictures of you without shedding a tear. You are (usually) such a happy baby. This month your smiles have truly blossomed and my heart almost explodes with love when I see your face light up every morning when I get you up from your bassinet. Your best smiles, however, are still reserved for your daddy. When he walks in the house every evening after work you get so excited and you can’t wait until he picks you up. I love that you know your daddy because man oh man does he love you. You are growing like a weed, measuring in at 24 1/4 inches and 11 lbs 14 ozs. You work hard at growing your chubs and you are doing a wonderful job. As for sleeping, you haven’t changed a whole lot since last month. You seem to like your current sleeping pattern, from 10-5:30 and then down again until 8 am. Last week you must have been going through a growth spurt because you decided you wanted to get up a few mornings at 3 am to eat. Mommy was happy that didn’t last long, although I am always more than happy to help you get your chub on. This month you met more of your aunts and uncles and you had more visits with your grandparents. You are so loved kid. Always remember how blessed you are to have such a loving family around you. We love you an insane amount chubblin and we are excited to see what this next month brings!
Love, mommy and daddy













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