Grandma and Grandpa love

My parents were in town this past week and we had so much fun. Last time they were here was right after Leah’s birth, and although they got plenty of baby snuggles during that time, we spent a lot of time sitting around the house since I wasn’t really feeling up to being out and about. This time, however, we totally made up for it by visiting all of my favorite FL places with Leah babe. I love watching my parents with Leah, it’s like getting to look into the past to see how they were with me and my sisters when we were little babes. And let me tell you, they love little LeLe like no other so I can’t even imagine how they were with their own babies! I love spending time with family, and even though I love living in FL, it’s times like these that I wish Brett and I lived closer to our families. Luckily we have Thanksgiving with my family in PA and then Christmas in NY with Brett’s family coming up so we have plenty of family time in the near future. Miss Too Stinkin’ Cute just loves her time with her grandparents!

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