Operation Get Pre-Baby Body Back: Week 1 Recap

Well I have survived my first week of Jillian. 5 straight days, rotating three of her work out videos (30 Day Shred, No More Trouble Zones and Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism). Some days I also went on walks with Leah, other days I just did a video workout. So far, Jillian is kicking my butt. Seriously. Especially the Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism workout. I made the mistake of starting with that workout and I could barely walk for 2 days afterwards. Definitely the hardest one. But as crazy as it sounds, I LIKE the fact that I feel like I’m going to die if she makes me do one more plank twist because I know it’s working. And even though I want to reach into my TV and strangle her every time she yells, “Push it! Don’t phone it in!” By the end of the video I decide that I really do love her, even if she is so thin her skin tight pants almost fall off her butt every time she does a jumping jack.
Although the weight isn’t falling off me yet (but wouldn’t it be nice if a week was all it took? Talk about instant gratification) I’m already starting to feel stronger and better about my body. On Sunday I slipped into a pair of shorts that haven’t fit since pre-pregnancy and was shocked when they fit. Those same shorts did not fit 2 weeks ago. And I might have danced a happy dance around hubs and texted a picture of me in said shorts to both my mom and and my sister, but hey, I was a little excited. And even though I get annoyed when I step on the scale and the weight is the same, I know that in the end I would rather look and feel fit than be back down to the exact same pre-baby weight I was. Also, I totally know that the weight would come off a lot faster if I stopped eating ice cream every night and pizza on a weekly basis, but I’m just not up to dieting. (She says as she gets ready to make apple crisp). If the 2 month challenge goes by and the weight STILL won’t come off, then I’ll start cutting back on what I eat. But until then, I’ll keep working out AND eating my nightly bowl of ice cream, thank you very much.
So one week down, 7 more to go before the Jillian Michael’s Challenge comes to an end. Bring it on.


One thought on “Operation Get Pre-Baby Body Back: Week 1 Recap

  1. Mom says:

    Your stomach and abs already look better than 95% of the population that NEVER was pregnant! Enjoy that ice cream, it is delicious on apple crisp! Love you!

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