Happy Halloween!

Leah and her best friend Bradley

Leah had a low key first Halloween.  She spent her morning posing in front of pumpkins at Nurturing Your Newborn with her best friend Bradley and the afternoon was split pretty evenly between crying and napping. Quite the productive day. She did look adorable in her Trick or Treat shirt, minus the fact that the 0-3 month size was stretched tight over her impressively expanding belly. Luckily it only needed to fit for one day! I will admit that I am looking forward to the coming years when she is old enough to take trick-or-treating, but still too young to eat the candy. Those will be the best years. Parents trick-or-treating with your two year old? We all know you’re basically collecting candy for yourself, you don’t fool anyone. Until then, we will spend Halloween sitting home, watching The Office and squishing the babe’s chunky cheeks. Happy Halloween!!


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