Baby wearing (and work out update)


Since Leah was born I have been a huge fan of baby wearing. She absolutely loves being held and snuggled and, since I tend to need my arms free throughout the day, wearing her in a wrap/sling/carrier has been the next best thing. My parents gave us the Baby Bjorn Air when Leah was born and we have loved that carrier (And by “we” I mean me and Leah. I’m not sure hubs has worn it more than once…) The mesh material is perfect for FL weather and Leah stays pretty cool in it. For months it has been my go to carrier when we go anywhere, especially the grocery store. It is so easy to put on and as soon as we put Leah inside she falls asleep. There are, however, a few things I don’t like about the carrier. I don’t like that when she falls asleep in it her face is so smushed into my chest I worry if she can even breath. I also don’t like how, as she continues to chub up, she is getting heavier and wearing her in the Bjorn for long periods of time is starting to hurt my back (there’s really no back support with the Bjorn, I feel like all the weight rests on your shoulders). When we were originally searching for carriers I was drawn to the Ergo carrier but not only is it MUCH more expensive than the Bjorn, it also looks so hot compared to the Bjorn Air and, living in FL, I’m all about what keeps me and baby cool.
About a month or so ago I started going to a “mommy and baby” class where I met multiple moms who swear by the Baby K’tan wrap. One of the moms let me try it on with Leah and I was surprised by how comfy it was! The wrap was so light weight and, unlike many other cotton wraps, there was no actual wrapping involved with getting it on. I also liked how many different positions you could wear baby in and one mom told me she still used the hip position with her 2 year old. I wasn’t totally sold on the wrap until that same mom told me that she is able to breast feed her baby, while still in the wrap. That right there got my attention. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner hubs and I are going to be doing a lot of flying with the babe and the thought of trying to successfully breast feed in public without flashing anyone has me in a panic. So with that in mind I ordered the K’tan wrap and so far I LOVE it. I still haven’t attempted to breast feed with her in the wrap, but we are going to need to get practicing in the next few weeks before Thanksgiving!
As for the negatives, I haven’t worn it long enough yet to tell how it’s going to make my back feel (although it comes with a sash you can tie around you and baby for extra back support and that really seems to help) but it does make Leah hotter than the Bjorn Air. On Saturday while hubs and I were house hunting (and Leah was in the K’tan) we spent a little too long in a particularly awesome backyard and chubby baby let me know when she had enough of the heat. But my kid if a furnace (as in she starts to sweat while eating) so it doesn’t take her long to overheat. However, when thinking about being on a plane for hours these next 2 months I think the K’tan is going to (hopefully) be perfect. Since being all cuddled close to mommy makes Leah fall asleep in about 2.5 seconds, I’m hoping she will sleep for most of the flight. (We can pray!)
As for an update on Operation Get Pre-Baby Body Back, or OGPBBB for short, week 2 was kind of a bust. Three days in I was feeling great until I dislocated my pinky toe on Thursday morning after I got up to get Leah and caught my toe on the corner of our bed. And when I say dislocated I totally mean it popped out sideways and I had to pop it back in. This is the same toe I originally dislocated and broke 2 years ago. It’s a small picture (because really, who wants to look at a large picture of my feet??) but notice how nasty huge and swollen my entire left foot looks. After taping it tight, icing it continuously, and hobbling around for 4 days, it’s finally starting to feel better and I am back to my Jillian regime once again!
Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Baby wearing (and work out update)

  1. Dad says:

    What great pictures. You little Leah is little Miss tolerating. You are lucky that your baby is so patent with you and all the outfits and pictures. Oh, and i think she misses me.

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