Happy Birthday!

Happy 53rd Birthday to the world’s greatest father and grandfather! I am so lucky to have you as my dad and Leah is so blessed to have you as her grandpa! I am excited to see her grow up with you in her life, doing all the fun things me and my sisters did with you when we were young; teaching her how to make Saturday morning pancakes, taking her for bike rides, and showing her how to use a hammer and nails to make some pretty cool wood projects. Although I am sad that I can’t be home to celebrate with you today, I am so excited to come home next week for Thanksgiving and give you a second birthday celebration with your girls. Because if anyone deserves 2 birthday celebrations, it’s you. Here’s to one more wonderful year and many more to follow! Happy Birthday dad, I love you!


One thought on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Dad says:

    Christina, Thank you again for the wonderful post. i really appreciate your sweet words. Yeah, you are bringing my Granddaughter home!! Sorry, but you and Brett may not see much of her while you are here..

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