1. I think we’ve got napping in the crib down. Leah fought it for quite some time, but I continued to stick to it, putting her in her crib consistently whenever she was getting tired. She still isn’t super consistent with how long she naps in there (sometimes her crib naps are no longer than 25 minutes, other times they last over 2 hours) but at least she falls asleep easily on her own every time we stick her in her crib.
(Side note, she has this crinkly cow toy that we hang from the rails of her crib named Mr. Moo, that she LOVES. It is the cutest thing when she rolls over on her side and you hear her crinkling Mr. Moo until she falls asleep).
2. We traveled back up to the island a few weekends ago to see Brett’s mom and her friend. We had a great time hiking by the river and relaxing on the ocean balcony. And as crazy as this may sound, Leah always sleeps better up on the island. It’s as if the gentle sound of the ocean waves lulls her to sleep.
3. My baby wearing has continued. Whenever Leah is being a grumpster I just stick her in the K’Tan wrap and she’s suddenly content. The other night I made dinner and dessert with Leah hanging in her wrap acting as my little kitchen helper.
5. We made Leah’s bedtime earlier since this is what was happening around 9 pm:
In the past we tried our hardest to keep her up until we went to bed at 10 pm so we could sleep for as many hours as possible before she woke up for her night feeding. However, in the past few weeks this baby has been getting so sleepy between 8:30-9:30 pm that she would fall asleep sitting up. And then when I tried to give her one last feeding she would barely eat and would instead just cry and cry until I stuck her in her crib. (Which would just cause her to not sleep as long since she didn’t get a good last feeding!) Her new routine is to put pj’s on around 8:30-9 pm, feed and then go down for the night. Moving up her bedtime has not affected her nightly sleep schedule since I think she has been getting a much better feeding now that’s she a little more awake for it! (That whole “dream feeding” people talk about where there babies nurse while practically asleep? Yeah, that is not my kid. She needs to be fully awake to eat, otherwise she’ll just cry until you let her go back to sleep).
6. We’ve laughed at Leah’s fluffy “bird feather” hair.
This baby does not have a whole lot of hair, but the hair she does have is so soft and feathery that it tends to stick straight up on the back of her head whenever she wakes up from her naps.
7. We took a Sunday afternoon photo shoot just because Leah Grace looked so gorgeous in her church outfit, complete with a bow 1/2 the size of her head.

Crazy face!

8. We’ve been packing for our Thanksgiving trip to PA, which we leave for TOMORROW!

Leah is not much of a “light packer.”

Can I just say that it’s crazy how much stuff babies need when they travel!? Seriously, I think the girl has double the amount of stuff that I do. We are so psyched to be visiting my family for an entire week. I haven’t been to PA since last Christmas when we announced to my family that we were pregnant and now we will be back with our 3 month old baby. How crazy is that?
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

5 thoughts on “Lately…..

  1. Lizzy says:

    Okay first, your baby sleeps without being swaddled?! AWESOME!
    Second, we used to try to keep Dylan up as late as possible and slowly he started needing to go to bed much much earlier. Now he goes to sleep by 7:30!
    Third I love those pictures of Leah! She is so cute!!!
    Dream sleeping never worked for us either.

    • Christina Lynne says:

      She used to ONLY sleep while swaddled (her flaring arms would constantly wake her up if they weren’t “tied” down!), but then the little Houdini started finding her way out of even my tightest swaddles so we slowly switched from swaddling to using sleep sacks at night. But for her naps she doesn’t use anything! She loves having her arms free now (so she can sleep with them over her head) so now if I try to swaddle her she fights it. And yeah, I can see how bedtimes would continually get earlier and earlier! Now a days, even 9-9:30 seems to be pushing it. If she had it her way she would be in bed for the night by 8!

  2. J. says:

    Beautiful photos!!! I just started baby wearing this week, and it’s coming along. I bought a Moby Wrap, same color as your wrap. I’m still trying to get the hang of tying it. I love using my wrap!! It’s the best idea for holding your baby when your hands aren’t free.

    • Christina Lynne says:

      I’ve never tried to Moby wrap, although I’ve heard good things about it! 🙂 I love baby wearing! The more you do it, the more natural it starts to feel. I never imagined I would wear my baby in a wrap during a 3 hour flight, but I did when we traveled for Thanksgiving and it was so easy PLUS it enabled me to get up and use the plane bathroom with her still sleeping in the wrap! haha. It was a lifesaver!

      • J. says:

        Haha yeah I do the bathroom thing with the her in the wrap, too! LOL The things we moms gotta do! 😉 I’m still having some back pain from my labor, so sometimes when I’m on my feet for a long time with the wrap my back bothers me. I can’t wait for the back probs to stop and for baby wearing to feel more natural!

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