A Pennsylvania Thanksgiving

Leah got to meet Aunt Caitlin (AKA Aunt Cakes) for the first time!

Just biting mom in the Thanksgiving family photo…..

I love that Leah is only wearing one shoe in the photo above. Who knows where her other shoe went…..

I love Thanksgiving. And now, living in Florida, Thanksgiving is made all the more exciting with the thought of traveling north and experiencing fall for a few days. Leah was amazing on the flight to my parent’s house in Pennsylvania, both there and back (I’ll do a separate post about our traveling with a newborn adventure later) but I’ll just say now that it was a lot less scary than I was imagining it would be. And also that changing an exploding poo diaper on your lap is pretty tough. Moving on.
Thanksgiving was a quiet affair this year, just my parents and one of my younger sisters. My older sister spent Thanksgiving with her husband’s family, but they were able to travel to PA that weekend to spend a few days with our family. My youngest sister is in the Air Force (she graduates from Basic Training this week!) so sadly she was not able to be home, although she did make all of our day by skyping us on Thanksgiving from a generous host family in Texas who took her and one other Airmen-in-training in for the holiday.
Dinner itself was delicious and Leah was surrounded by love and snuggles the whole meal (while looking fashionable and adorable in her Thanksgiving dress given to us by a family friend). I don’t think this girl was put down (besides to sleep) the whole week. I love seeing my family with her and I feel so lucky that me and hubs are surrounded by such amazing family. This year I am so thankful for my family, my marriage, and my little miracle baby (for more on that story, read my post here) It has been such an amazing year and I feel so incredibly thankful for what God has blessed me with. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay tuned for part 2 of our trip to PA, including positives like getting a Christmas tree and Leah meeting her great-grandma, and unfortunate negatives, such as hubs waking up the day after Thanksgiving with a 102 temperature…..
Happy Tuesday!


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