3 months

Dear Leah Grace,
Wow, how did 3 months go by already? You are getting big so fast. Almost every night before I go to sleep I flip through my old pictures of you on my phone and it brings tears to my eyes when I see you, so small and skinny, still in the hospital. Sometimes I feel like I want to rewind the days back to when you were a newborn, but then you do something silly, like try to eat daddy’s nose, or you giggle while mommy nibbles your neck, and I think that there is no better age than right now. Every day I see more and more of your personality start to emerge. Daddy and I have been calling you Drama Baby because you can be just a BIT dramatic about things. Sometimes when you have had enough of being tickled you will go from giggling one second to letting out the loudest angry squeal the next and you’ll look at us like “That is ENOUGH!” We think you are going to be quite the little spitfire when you grow up, but that’s good, I hope you are full of gumption. My biggest wish for you is for you to be a strong, independent girl, even if that does come with a streak of stubbornness.
You smile nonstop now. Everything and everyone makes you smile and I love it. When I was a baby your grandma and grandpa called me “the grinner” because I was such a smiley baby, and you are little “grinner junior.” You are especially happy when I get you up from your crib in the morning. You smile up at me like you are so excited to see me. And then, while you nurse, you will break away and stare up at me, smiling, and it melts my heart. You are such a GOOD baby. You’re hardly ever fussy, unless you get overtired and then, oh boy, watch out. You flew on an airplane for the first time this month and you did so well. You smiled and looked around at everyone and then you fell asleep in your wrap on mommy and slept the rest of the flight, both there and back. Everyone commented on what a good girl you were! You have graduated from sleeping in a newborn bassinet to sleeping in your crib during the day and a pack and play outside mommy and daddy’s room at night (although sleeping on mommy is still your favorite place to snooze). You sleep well at night, usually 7-9 hour stretches and your naps are about 1 1/2-2 1/2 hours long.
You loved spending Thanksgiving with mommy’s family this month and next month we will be traveling to NY to see daddy’s family for Christmas! We love visiting with family, and you love all the snuggles and kisses you get from everyone! You have made these past 3 months the best of my life and mommy and daddy love you so much, our sweet baby girl.
Mommy and Daddy


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