Oh Christmas Tree (Pennsylvania Edition)

It has always been my family’s tradition to get our Christmas tree the first weekend of December. However, since we were visiting for Thanksgiving and we are not going to be in Pennsylvania for Christmas, I demanded lovingly asked that we could go out and pick a tree the day after Thanksgiving instead. And, since I have such wonderful parents, they agreed. Unfortunately, hubs woke up the day after Thanksgiving with a 102 fever (which lasted almost 3 days) so he was forced to miss out on our tree hunting excursion. (Side note, that pesky fever followed us home, where I had it almost all this week. Miraculously, Leah only got a runny nose and a cough-oh the power of breast milk). So, I bundled Leah up more than she’s ever been bundled in her short little life, and we headed out in the snow to find us the perfect tree. There, I learned an important lesson: Our Florida baby hates the snow. And I mean a cry when every snowflake hits her cheek, kind of hate. I ended up throwing a blanket over her head to keep her precious cheeks away from that terrible snow. All that to say, our traditional family Christmas tree hunt, which has been known to last well over an hour in past years, lasted a total of 15 minutes. Picture walking into a field of trees, finding a tree that wasn’t crooked and was under 8 feet tall, and saying, “Yup, this looks great, chop it down.” It may not have been as exciting as it has been in past years, but it meant the world to me to have this story to share with Leah when she’s older; her first Buckel Christmas Tree Hunt. And that, is magical I tell you.
IMG_1064IMG_1048IMG_1058IMG_1056IMG_1089IMG_1077IMG_1069IMG_1090IMG_1093IMG_1098IMG_1101IMG_1096IMG_1104IMG_1112IMG_1128I’m looking forward to Christmas futures where we take Leah up north and she is thrilled to be out in the snow, hunting for the perfect tree to cut down. (Because I have a feeling the whole Florida tradition of “Hey, let’s go to the Home Depot and pick out the perfect pre-lit 6 foot plastic tree” isn’t going to be as exciting….) Until then, I am happy to have this memory of my little chubby baby, screaming her head off in the middle of a tree farm.
Happy December!!
PS. I thought this would be my last PA recap post, but I still have more pictures I want to share! (Such as my dad’s bday celebration and Leah meeting her great-grandma) So, in order for this not to be a million photo post, I’ll have to split it into 1 more segment. (I know, no one really cares but me).

4 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree (Pennsylvania Edition)

  1. poolehousewife says:

    You were not kidding when you said “bundled up.” In some of the photos, I was like, “Where’s the baby? Oh yeah, she’s that big hunk of white fluff.” I’m glad Leah won’t be one of the many high school Floridians who have never seen snow.

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