Here it is…the last installment of post-Thanksgiving Pennsylvania photos:

The dancers on his cake represented all his girls!

The dancers on his cake represented all his girls!

IMG_1155IMG_1174IMG_1186IMG_1188IMG_1181IMG_1202IMG_1207IMG_1208IMG_1214IMG_1220IMG_1225IMG_1222IMG_1230IMG_1233Can we start by taking another peek at that chub’s grumpy “don’t mess with me” face in the last 3 pictures? I love that kid, but let me just say, when she is ready for a nap NOTHING will make her smile. That last picture? Yeah, that’s her saying, “You’ve got about one minute to get me in my crib before I have a complete melt down.”
Moving on…..let’s just say that we fit in a LOT during our 5 day visit to my parent’s house in Pennsylvania. The weekend after Thanksgiving we celebrated my dad’s birthday with homemade german chocolate cake. Short side story about the cake, when I was in high school I took a home economics course. For our final we had to choose a recipe to make from scratch and bring it in to present. I chose a german chocolate cake, a favorite of my dad’s. I really don’t remember much about that cake (although I will say it earned an A!) except for the fact that my dad LOVED it and has been talking about that cake ever since. And it’s been 8 years. So, I finally made “The Cake” for him again (with the help of my older sister).  Hopefully it was as good as the 8 years of hype that led up to it.
While we were visiting, Leah also got to meet her great-aunt Laura and her great-grandma. It means so much to me that Leah has a relationship with her great-grandparents. I was blessed to have my great-grandparents (on my dad’s side) in my life all the way up until middle school and the memories I have of them are some of my most cherished memories. I hope Leah is as lucky and will have her great-grandparents in her life for many more years.
We also did a little “Christmas celebration” for Leah and she got to open all her fun gifts from grandma and grandpa under the tree, since we will not be there for Christmas. I have to say, the only downside of marriage (and having families in 2 separate states) is having to split holidays. It made me even more thankful to get to spend such quality time with my family for Thanksgiving!
And that’s it! December 4th and I finally wrap up my Thanksgiving recap posts. Stay tuned for my 6 Christmas re-cap posts. Ha, I joke. Maybe.
Happy Tuesday!


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